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DHS FS180 Football became the first FIFA QUALITY PRO ball of Chinese brands

Highest level of certifications, applicable for top games

FIFA has three levels of certifications, from low to high, IMS、FIFA QUALITYFIFA QUALITY PRO. The full name of IMS is INTERNATIONAL MATCHBALL STANDARD. The footballs meeting IMS criteria can be used in international events such as Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Divesion, English Premier League and CHINA FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION SUPER LEAGUE.

FIFA Quality Pro has a higher standard. For instance, IMS accept a maximum 2 CM error in size, but only 1 cm is acceptable in FIFA QUALITY PRO, thus, the size of balls can be more uniform. The footballs with FIFA Quality Pro mark are better in roundness, bounce and air tightness, applicable for top events such as World Cup, European Cup.

Global Insurance, safe to use

Certification process for FIFA Quality Pro is very rigid. Not only the operation of company must comply with national and local laws, but buy products liability insurance worth tens of million RMB globally that includes most risky and rigid area like USA and Canada. DHS has built cooperation with Pacific Life Insurance Company, buying huge insurance for the requirement of FIFA

Higher than Highest criteria of FIFA

The standards of models sent by DHS are even higher than FIFA highest criteria. For example, water absorption, roundness error and air tightness of FS180 is 0.35 0.9% and 4.6%, even better than FIFA highest level 10, 1.5%,and 20%. That means FS180 is perfect in roundness and water absorption, qualified for all matches in all weather conditions.

THB(THE HYBRID BALL) tech is used in FS180. The bladder is covered by special textiles, which offers perfect roundness, impact resistance and great stability in radical competition. FS180 adopts wear resistant leather, providing great touch feeling and its lowest height of bounce can reach 1.35M.