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Brand History Product Memorabilia
1927 China’s first T.T. ball appeared in Shanghai. China was capable of manufacturing T.T. ball independently.
1937 “Double Circle” T.T. ball for competition was developed in Shanghai. China had the ability of producing the T.T. balls for competition.

DHS T.T. equipment was born in Shanghai.

A full set of T.T. equipments, meeting international standard, were produced in Shanghai for the purpose that Chinese equipment could be used in 26th World Table Tennis Championships. DHS was named by Premier Zhou Enlai for the celebration of 10th National Day and Chinese 1st world champion title won by Rong Guotuan.
1960 DHS T.T. ball was officially approved by ITTF for international competitions.
1961 The DHS T.T. balls and tables debuted in 26th World Table Tennis Championships. DHS became the first Chinese sports brand that debuted in the international stages.
1963 T.T. balls was ranked as Class A products, according to the technical testing report released by ITTF.
1972 Gaining highest total score in ITTF’s technical test, DHS T.T. balls was approved by ITTF for eighteen consecutive times.
1979 DHS T.T. balls and rackets won the GOLDEN QUALITY AWARD, the highest quality honor in China.
1980 The hard T.T. balls were successfully produced.


DHS PF4 series of products entered international market.

1986 DHS T.T. ball was approved for Asian Cup Table Tennis Championships. DHS returned to Asian important events.
1989 DHS“HERCULES” barbell was approved by IWF as Class A products. It was the first Chinese weightlifting equipment approved by IWF.
1990 Orange T.T. balls were produced.     

DHS T.T. balls became the official balls in the 43rd T.T. championships.

DHS returned to international games.

DHS main plant was jointly established by 4 Shanghai sports equipment factories. The products covered T.T. equipment, weightlifting equipment, fencing equipment, basketballs, volleyballs, footballs etc. DHS’ decentralized branding operation came to an end.

The first advanced automatic T.T. table manufacture line in China was introduced from abroad. The monthly output increased from 300 to 10,000 sets.



DHS first 3-year strategic plan was announced. The plan specified brand strategy and established the principles of products development.

Marketing department was founded.

DHS, as an independent exhibitor, attended Munich ISPO exhibition pavilion.

It was China’s 1st brand that independently participated in world biggest sports exhibition.

DHS began to research 40mm T.T. balls.
1997 The mini T.T. tables of “T616、T717T818”were researched and developed. “DHS T.T. rooms” were in full swing in cities nationwide.
Table tennis came into Chinese family. 

The full set of DHS T.T. equipment, weightlifting equipment, and fencing equipment were designated as official equipment for 8th National Game.
It was a joint show after unified operation.
1998 DHS became the title sponsor of the first Chinese T.T. Club league and full set of DHS T.T. equipments were approved as designated ones.
This turned a new chapter in history of Chinese title sponsor for major sporting events.

DHS was appointed as official equipment for 45th World Table Tennis Championships.

G888 was researched, which meant the age that rubber and sponge has to be separated in China was end.

1999 ISO9001 quality system passed.

DHS earned the title of “China Well-known Brand”.
It was first batch of “China Well-known Brand” in China.

DHS won the title of “The outstanding contribution award of 40 anniversary of the Chinese T.T. world champion.

2000 DHS 40MM T.T. ball was first approved by ITTF. The technology was recognized by ITTF as international standard.

DHS was appointed as the official equipment supplier for 27th Sydney Olympics.
DHS became the first equipment supplier for Olympic games, drawing a perfect full stop in the age of 38mm balls.

DHS “rainbow” T.T. table was born.

Hurricane2, Hurricane3, hit in the T.T. field, came out. Then Wang Liqin, Yan Sen, who equipped with Hurricane, won the title of the 21 Olympic Games men's double champion.
The usage rate of hurricane series in China T.T. national team reached 58%.

Full set of DHS T.T. equipment became the official equipment for 21st T.T. Men World Cup.
DHS 40MM T.T. balls debuted in international game which was the first one using 40mm balls.
2001 DHS became equipment supplier for Chinese sports delegation in 28th Olympic Games (2001-2004, T.T. equipment and football, basketball, and volleyball).
2002 DHS sports technology center was founded. R&D has been becoming one of the driving forces for DHS.
2003 DHS became the supplier for 47th World T.T. Championship in Paris. RAINBOW table and new surrounds were shown in the match which was regarded as the most beautiful match ever.

DHS invested in the badminton rackets production lines and centers of top level worldwide.
Badminton became one of the three staple products of DHS.

DHS rebuilt weightlifting base. Dr. Ajan, Chairman of IWF, visited DHS.


DHS became the official supplier for 28th Olympic Games(Athens).

It was the second Olympic journey for DHS. 

DHS 101 shuttlecock, approved by BWF. DHS was awarded "Outstanding Contribution Award For The Olympic Games" by Chinese Badminton Association. 

2005 DHS became the equipment supplier for 48th World Table Tennis Championship. Wang Liqin won the championship with “hurricane Wangliqin”blade.

DHS weightlifting barbell was again approved by IWF as Class A standard barbell.
Table tennis, badminton and weightlift had been three hit products for DHS.

ITTF announced that DHS became the T.T. equipment supplier for 29th Beijing Olympic Games.
DHS was first approved supplier for Beijing Olympic Games.

After the stock system reconstruction, DHS CO., LTD. was founded.

2006 DHS signed a 5-year package agreement with ITTF about offering equipments to Olympic Games, World Table Tennis Championships, World Cups etc.

DHS became the partner of Chinese Youth Badminton Team.

2007 IWF announced that DHS became the official weightlift supplier for 29th Beijing Olympic Games.

DHS became the official equipment for world weightlift championships.

DHS built a strategic partnership with LINing Sports.

2008 DHS offered table tennis, badminton and weightlifting equipment to Beijing Olympic Games, helping Chinese team get 14 medals out of 51 golden medals. Three projects of DHS entered Olympic Games.
2009 Player who signed with DHS, including Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Ma Ling, Ma Long secured top 4 positions in World T.T. Championships in Yokohama. DHS Neo series offered a new solution in ‘VOC free’ era, keeping the technological status of Chinese pingpong.

DHS signed a 5 years package agreement with ITTF regarding offering equipment to 2012 London Olympic Games and 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games etc.

DHS renewed the contract with Wang Liqin, Wang Hao, Ma Long, Xia Xuanze, and Ding Ning joined as a new member.

DHS developed the electronic surrounds for Women World Cup.

2010 “SHARPING”, invented and developed independently by DHS, was released with a breakthrough in appearance and craft.

DHS“Golden rainbow” T.T. table debuted in Moscow World Championships.

DHS earned the title “Shanghai Intellectual Property Rights Exemplary Enterprises”.


DHS offered equipment for 51 Rotterdam World Table Tennis Championships.

From Beijing World Championships in 1961 to Rotterdam World Championships in 2011, DHS experienced glorious 50 years.

DHS successfully developed T.T. balls made by new material. ITTF announced celluloid balls which have been used for hundred years would be replaced by new material balls. 

2012 Hurrican2 blade helped Ma Long win 51 games in a row. Hurricane Ning, Hurricane Xia, Goldarc 3 and etc. was available in the market.

DHS offered table tennis and badminton equipment to London Olympic Games. Four DHS signed player representing China won the golden meddle. “5 rings-rainbow” table was stored permanently in the headquarter of IOC.
It was the fourth Olympic trip for DHS. The logo of 5 rings was approved as an assembly of equipment.
2013 DHS provided equipment to Paris World T.T. championships, releasing new color-“Paris purple”.  DHS came back to Paris, 10 years after the birth of Rainbow table.

The automatic reconstruction was undergoing in DHS massive production and the construction project was launched.

DHS 40+ ball officially hit the market.

2014 Along with DHS 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. Ball, Hurricane Long 5、Di-GTHurricane 8Hurricane 3-50TinArc 5 hit the market.

DHS signed 2017-2020 package agreement with ITTF about offering equipment to Olympic Games, including 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, World Table Tennis Championships, World Cups etc.

2015 DHS provide equipment for the 53rd World T.T. Championships (Suzhou 2015), player who signed with DHS: Ma Long & Ding Ning won championships. 

Chen Jin, coach of the Chinese National Badminton Team, signed with DHS.