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DHS 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. Ball ready for 2016 Olympic Games

DHS 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. ball made its world debut on July 1, 2014, overthrowing 123-year history of celluloid balls.

DHS 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. balls are applied in most international competitions in 2014-2020, including Olympics, Men’s and Women’s World Cups, Finals of ITTF Pro- Tours and Grand finals, etc.

Since 2000 the ITTF’s approval on the standards of DHS 40mm balls marked the beginning of big ball era. The advent of CELL-FREE ball puts an end to celluloid 40mm T.T. ball’s 14-year history.

As we all know, celluloid balls are made of nitrocellulose, a flammable, dangerous ingredient that is the dominant ingredients of powder, hard to be preserved and transported, and producing toxic gas while burning. Celluloid has been banned by some toy manufacturers in some country. The research and development in looking for new material to replace celluloid kicked off by DHS in 80s last century and a great breakthrough was made with the help of rapid development of new material. DHS new 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. balls, made of cellulose acetate fibre, are not only environmental friendly, but also nonflammable. Since new plastic balls are no longer hazardous products, they can be transported by air.

DHS 40+ CELL-FREE T.T. balls adopt long lasting “seam” tech. The reservation of seam ensures great hitting sense and accuracy in ball hitting. After numerous tests by Chinese and European players, DHS Seam balls have been proved to keep the essence of Celluloid balls on point, sound, durability, spin and trajectory, widely welcomed and accepted by athletes.