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Rainbow T.T. Table

Official Table for 47th & 48th W.T.T.C. (2003, 2004 & 2005)


Spraying technique ensures the conformity of table in surface hardness and smoothness. Strong adhesive force maintains the bright color of the table and avoids color fading. Effective treatment and pressure equipment guarantees the well-distributed stability of the density of the table material and the interior performance, on which the humidity and temperature may not exert influence.


Balancing design style originals from Chinese arch bridge. Arch structure of table feet guarantees the super strong stability. Table feet with steel structure can be shook off. Multiple height adjustment instrument is equipped. Internal feet enable the movement by pushing. It was 2000 Men’s World Cup that this table was used first time.


Design---leading position in the technical development of table tennis sport.

Materials---carefully chosen materials with high quality and for special purpose.

Technique---the first fully automatic assembly line at the internationally advanced level.